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Posted on November 19 2018

WOW such an amazing review 😭 Thank you for the kind words! Her face is a little sunburned in the "After" pic but look at how clear her skin is now! So badass! 🙌
LOOK 👏AT👏MY👏FACE! It's no joke when I say that cold cream is absolutely life changing. CJ and Red at @ancientowl know what they are doing. I feel so much more confident and I don't wear much foundation anymore because of it. I was wrecked with acne and had tried everything. I was skeptical of using cold cream because ANYTHING I put on my face made me break out. I gave cold cream a chance after watching their reviews for a few months and I'm so grateful I did. I also love supporting people I know and small businesses so that was a plus as well. THANK YOU, CJ!! P.S. my face is red right now from the sun, lol. 

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