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36yrs old and finally no more acne

Posted on August 17 2020

"I'm 36 and cannot remember a time I didn't struggle with cystic acne. I've used prescribed topical and oral medications since junior high to make my acne not get worse, but it never got better and the medications always madey surrounding skin (the few parts without acne) look dull and dehydrated. ⠀

A friend sent me ancient owl after seeing my skin without makeup. I had recently decided to stop using my topical medications as it wasnt helping and I was trying to make my life more clean in every sense. ⠀

I started using ancient owl with all the years of skepticism and doubt I had acquired. After about two months I no longer had any break outs or new spots of acne and the coffee scrub was already at work with my scarring. ⠀

I now wake up in the morning with zero dread about covering my face with layers of makeup before going out and I can actual go to the grocery store without a drop of makeup on. ⠀

That hasn't happened in 15 years. I'm very grateful for this product and look forward to sharing it and passing along to as many people as I can."

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