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From the bottom of my heart

Posted on January 15 2020

"From the bottom of my heart (or depths of my pores, whichever is deeper) — THANK YOU for delivering on your mission to help heal and correct unhealthy skin/damaged moisture barriers/overcompensating oil production, etc. Three years ago, I went from having near-perfect skin my entire life to dealing with the horror of cystic acne and constantly inflamed skin.

The only reason I stumbled upon Ancient Owl Naturals is because of my nightly ritual of searching Instagram’s adult acne tags. It’s honestly such a blessing from the universe because I had it in my calendar to call the dermatologist the next morning to set up an appointment to discuss my eligibility for isotretinoin; despite the known (and admitted unknown) side effects of the medication, I couldn’t imagine it being much worse than my current state of shame and depression because of my skin.

I decided to give Cold Cream a try and, as you can see from the photos, 2 weeks was enough to make a difference not even I can believe. I still touch my face before I open my eyes in the morning anticipating the routine to stop working but thus far, each morning shows better skin than the day before.

You guys have created a magic potion that helps skin, yes, but more than that, you gave me my life back ❤️ THANK YOU!"

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