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I use to not leave the house without make up BUT now...

Posted on August 17 2020

"The first pictures make cringe. I was never one who struggled with acne. So when I started to break out I was so confused. I didn’t know why it was happening, all I knew is my confidence was right out the door. No makeup was enough to cover it. ⠀

That girl in the first picture never wanted to leave the house without makeup or her hair covering her face. A friend had recommended trying Ancient Owl and omg. It was a blessing. The girl in the second pictures has so much more confidence. Can leave the house without makeup. Without feeling like everyone is staring at her. ⠀

It’s been 9 months of me using the Signature Cold Cream. 99% of my acne has cleared up besides the occasional stress acne or time of the month acne. I can’t believe the change in my skin! From clearing up and the glow that I have!! It’s all so amazing! ⠀

I recently added the Coffee Scrub into my routine and it’s to die for! I could seriously use it every day, which makes it hard to only use once a week but I 💯 recommend.⠀

To anyone who struggles with acne. I promise you’ll never stop using it! Nothing compares to these products! Not only are they effective but it’s so comforting knowing that you are putting something natural on your skin and something that’s make with pure intentions ❤️"

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