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The Cold Cream makes my face feel so hydrated

Posted on March 15 2020

"I found out about Ancient Owl from my cousins wife. She told me about it and I was like
Heck let me try it not really expecting any results by using just one product. I started using the Cold Cream jan 3rd. I reached out so many times because my purging was bad and I never thought it was going to heal, but I finally see the light and my face has never been so bright before.
It's clear, it's not dry, I still have acne but it's nothing like it was. I love how it's just one product once a day instead of 4 products twice a day. The cold cream makes my face feel so hydrated and feeling younger. Before using cold cream I thought I was looking old in my under eyes and go so discouraged, but this product has brought me such happiness and confidence. There's nothing worse than a face full of acne and having to go out in public. I felt so ugly and like my face would never clear up. Thank you for changing my confidence and my face!!"

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