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I'm blown away

Posted on November 30 2019

"There are a few things that blow me away about my skin since I’ve been using your cold cream.
1. The most obvious.. I have ZERO zits.
2. I thought I had combination skin -super oily t-zone and super dry mouth/cheeks. I don’t, my skin has completely evened out.
3. I had come to terms with the fact that at 27, I was getting some fine lines and enlarged pores... Wrong. My skin was just super unhappy! Literally all of my little lines and pores have almost disappeared. I had a couple of lines between my eyes and they are gone altogether.
4. When I hit puberty, I got pretty bad blackheads on my nose and have “extracted” them almost weekly ever since. Well now, I have NO blackheads on my nose... at all. It’s insane.
5. I also developed some pretty gnarly acne on my forehead during puberty, and while it went away when I was 16, I was left with textured skin. It has completely smoothed our since I’ve been using Ancient Owl.
I can’t thank you and Red enough for formulating this cold cream. I can literally feel the magic you weave into it. I can’t believe the difference it has made on my skin. I truly, truly thank you both."

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