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Extremely dry and sensitive skin

Posted on August 17 2020

"This makes me really uncomfortable to share but I hope that it gives someone else hope!⠀

I feel that the Cold Cream supports my skin for what it is, instead of punishing it for what it’s not.⠀

I have extremely dry, sensitive skin, even products for my type of skin would irritate it. Around 1 year postpartum my skin changed even more and I started getting acne and blackheads like I got when I was 12.⠀

I’ve tried hundreds of products over the years and there’s truly nothing else and nothing as simple as the Cold Cream. Every time I use it, I practice mindfulness and I am so thankful for the skin I’m in.⠀

I also use the Coffee Scrub once every other week only if I don’t have any active acne. ⠀

I use the Rose Quartz face roller every night when I have the Cold Cream on before I wipe it off and it has improved my fine lines and overall texture. Thank you so very much, Ancient Owl 🤍✨"

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