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Cold cream saved my skin

Posted on August 17 2020

"I had super bad cystic acne, small pimples everywhere that also wouldn’t pop or go away. Since using cold cream my skin has done a complete 180’ .. if I do get a cystic pimple, I use cold cream and if I happen to wipe a pimple in the shower while cleaning my face, I use cold cream and it’s flat by the next day. ⠀

My face is glowy and plump. Cold cream literally saved my skin! When I do get small break outs it’s usually around that time of the month or if I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, but really I don’t even stress about my skin anymore. ⠀

I don’t feel like I have to wear foundation and I have even been rocking intense eye shadow looks with no foundation and feeling fairly confident. It’s so nice not feeling like I have to have on makeup to feel pretty. ⠀

Now, I’m bare faced unless I have work or big plans. I LOVE that your products are natural and I don’t have to use 30 different things"

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