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Posted on March 20 2019

Red and I were curious to see what his before/ after using the signature Cold Cream would look like today... MIND BLOWN. .

It took me so long to convince him to try Cold Cream. I remember the day I took this before picture he was so fed up with his skin and I was literally yelling at him to "Try the damn Cold Cream and follow my exact directions!" 😂

His stubborn ass finally took the leap of faith and Cold Cream is 100% all he has used on his skin for 2 years. (Now he never questions anything I tell him to do 😏.... Not 🤣) He had very deep scars which as you can see have almost completely faded. Listen up peeps, Scars. Take. Time! Just like if you were to get scars anywhere else on your body. A good reminder to trust the process ❤ Share with someone you've been trying to convince to try Cold Cream!! 

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