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Before and After Using Cold Cream

Posted on May 26 2017

Posting this is so hard for me 😳 BUT I want to share so others can fully understand why I started @ancientowl in the first place and a picture is worth a thousand words right? 😁

My skin has actually been worse than this. The before picture is at a 2015 Halloween party with a full face of makeup on. 🙈 Second picture is today with hardly any concealer on (you can see all my freckles and wrinkles around my eyes). I've tried every acne treatment out there even Accutane which dermatologists use as a last resort for acne treatment because it literally peels and blisters layers of your skin off. 😵 I've tried changing my diet, birth control, none if it ever made a difference.

I started researching soaps and benzoyl peroxide only to find that those things were all CAUSING my acne. That's right, soap doesn't belong on your face! That's when I found Cold Cream 🙌 A face wash, moisturizer and makeup remover that has been around for centuries and gently cleanses your face while restoring your skin's natural oil production.

I started getting so many requests to sell my Cold Cream and had such positive feedback from others using it to clear up their acne too, that Red and I decided we should start a small business selling some of the organic bath and beauty products I make our family on a regular basis. 🤗


My goal is to help others get better skin without putting damaging products into their body. If you are interested, please take advantage of the fact that I am always available to message or call if you need help fine tuning your skin care routine. My main priority is helping others feel confident about themselves!

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