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Posted on March 20 2019

"In deleting my personal account and trying to mash the 2 together here I haven't really posted anything too personal. That being said I had to post my before cold cream pic and today, my current cold cream pic because I honestly wasn't expecting to see much of a difference. Only because I hate how bad my blackheads have been my whole life and didn't think there was an actual answer for getting rid of them. When I put these 2 pictures together today I cried. Literal tears. I was so shocked to see how much they have gone away and how much my pores have shrunk! Finally an actual product that works!!! I cannot thank @ancientowl enough! CJ & Red are not only so sweet and amazing, they are making miracles happen through skin care. All natural, no harsh chemicals, not burning or irritation of skin, no hives ... because I've dealt with that a lot! Sorry this post is so long I just really can't believe what they do! It's so amazing!!!!! And the best part is its versatility! Cold cream can be used in so many ways that you literally dont need anything else! No matter your skin type!!!! Thank you so much CJ!!! Love you mama!!!! Go check it out guys! And see all the results for yourself!"

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