Body Butter


Our handmade Body Butter is a luxurious combination of plant based, organic butters and oils that provide your skin with deep moisturization that lasts all day without leaving the skin feeling "greasy". We offer 100% pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils as options for scenting your Body Butter.

Ideal for everyday use as an all over moisturizer and because it is not a water based lotion a little goes a long way. Our Body Butter is also great for expectant mother's to use throughout pregnancy to help avoid stretch marks and alleviate itching.

Our Body Butter is handcrafted in small batches that we infuse with intentional, radiant, loving, healing energy throughout every step of the way. For us this is one of the most important parts of our work. 🙏 We encourage you to carry on this practice. To take a moment when using your products to lovingly connect with yourself and your own specific intentions. ❤

Cruelty free and vegan. 

8 oz. Container 

 Current Blends

Laka -Our customer favorite, summertime fragrance blend. Laka reminds us of a beach vacation with it's tropical combination of fresh coconut & pineapple 

Soul Magic-  Similar to our Good Vibes roller, this is a blend of 100% pure theraputic grade essential oils of Palo Santo, lemon and lavender with a hint vanilla 



Due to our products being all-natural they can melt during shipping. If this happens simply refrigerate for a few minutes and stir. Please note each product is hand made so textures and colors will vary. The ingredients and benefits are still the same.





This statement and product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with anything, make sure to do your own research before putting any product on or inside your body.

To use: Apply directly after a shower or bath for best results. Expectant mothers, use on belly, bum, thighs and breasts daily or whenever your skin starts to feel itchy.

Organic Shea butter is deeply moisturizing and full of vitamin A. It is well known for soothing dry skin, improving eczema, skin blemishes, and wrinkles.

Organic Mango butter is most popular for it's ability to protect the skin against free radicals found in the sun's rays and air pollution. It is also rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Organic Coconut oil helps soften and moisturize the skin especially in areas like the hands and feet where skin can easily become hardened and cracked. It is also known to relieve irritated or dry skin and restore PH levels.

100% pure grapeseed oil helps heal scars and has been shown to reduce wrinkles over time because it tones and tightens the skin.

Organic Arrowroot powder is used to help avoid the "greasy" feeling that can come with using concentrated oils as a moisturizer.

Organic Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative keeping the ingredients from expiring as quickly. It also has many moisturizing and healing benefits for your skin.

Essential oils/Fragrance oils are the two options we provide for "scenting" your body butter. The fragrance oils we use are alcohol, paraben, phthalate, Nitro-Musk, and chemical free. We use 100% pure essential oils.

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