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Mystic Muse Moonstone Cold Cream

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Mystic Muse has been a widely popular custom blend amongst our clientele. This blend is great for anyone who is prone to hormonal acne, but also has skin more on the dry/sensitive side. For our clients who find the Signature to be a bit drying, this is a great alternative. 

This limited edition batch of Mystic Muse will also come with a moonstone thumbstone inside each Cold Cream ♡ Moonstone is a wonderful crystal for skincare. It is often used for it's hormonal balancing benefits as well as to promote glowing, healthy skin. You can use this thumbstone as a facial roller during your Cold Cream routine.  

Please note - This blend is not recommended for pregnant women because it contains clary sage essential oil. 

Ingredients :

Organic grapeseed oil, water, organic beeswax, sodium tetraborate (natural preservative), blue tansy essential oil, geranium essential oil, clary sage essential oil, myrrh essential oil, tea tree essential oil.  

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