Handcrafted With Radiant Love

Whipped Sugar Scrub


Create your own spa-like experience with one of our beautifully handcrafted, whipped sugar scrubs. Each ingredient in our sugar scrub is designed to gently exfoliate your skin while also leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized. We offer 100% pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils as options for scenting your scrub. We recommend using the Sugar Scrub for just your body. Please see our Coffee Scrub if you are looking for a face scrub. 

Each scrub comes with a wooden spoon that you can use to scoop out the product so that it does not come into contact with moisture as there are no preservatives. Please use caution if applying in the shower as the product can become slippery.

Our Sugar Scrub is handcrafted in small batches that we infuse with intentional, radiant, loving, healing energy throughout every step of the way. For us this is one of the most important parts of our work. 🙏 We encourage you to carry on this practice. To take a moment when using your products to lovingly connect with yourself and your own specific intentions. ❤

Cruelty free and vegan. 

*** Due to our Sugar Body Scrub being an all natural product, it is meant to melt when it comes into contact with your body heat. Please keep in mind that during transportation your Sugar Body Scrub can melt. If it does, simply refrigerate until it hardens and gently stir. None of the ingredients are compromised if the product is melted.

6oz container.

 *Everything is made to order, and will ship within 3-5 business days, sometimes sooner.

To use: This product is meant to stay dry until it touches your skin. Please use caution if applying in the shower as the product can become slippery.

Organic Sugar is a great natural exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells to reveal glowing and smooth skin.

Organic Coconut Oil helps soften and moisturize the skin especially in areas like the hands and feet where skin can easily become hardened and cracked. It is also known to relieve irritated or dry skin and restore PH levels.

100% pure grapeseed oil tightens the skin, helps heal scars and stretch marks, has been shown to reduce wrinkles over time, and does not clog your pores.

Essential oils/Fragrance oils are the two options we provide for "scenting" your body butter. The fragrance oils we use are alcohol, paraben, phthalate, Nitro-Musk, and chemical free. We use 100% pure essential oils.

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